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Avid Elective

The AVID Elective is the core of AVID Secondary. It targets students in the academic middle–B, C, and even D students–with the desire to go to college and the willingness to work hard. Typically, they will be the first in their families to attend college, and come from groups traditionally underrepresented in higher education. These are students who are capable of completing rigorous curriculum but are falling short of their potential.

AVID places these students on the college track, requiring them to enroll in their school’s toughest courses, such as Honors and Advanced Placement®. To support them in the rigorous coursework, AVID students learn organizational and study skills, develop critical thinking, learn to ask probing questions, receive academic help from peers and college tutors, and participate in enrichment and motivational activities to make their college dreams reality.


Did you know that the Free and Reduced Lunch program offers other benefits?

Benefits associated with qualifying for Free & Reduced-price meals
  • Reduced fee for the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT)
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) fee waiver 
  • American College Testing (ACT) fee waiver of basic registration fee 
  • Fee waiver for applying to colleges 
  • Free applications for college
  • SAT Prep Class discount
  • Reduced Advance Placement (AP) Exams and International Baccalaureate (IB) Exams.
It’s not about the food!  Fill out the application and return it to the main office to qualify.
The free lunch application can be found at:
Additionally, read this interesting article regarding the other benefits of the Free and Reduced Lunch Program:
“Mr. Quinn, no one wants to eat that cheeseburger …”

Important College Visit Dates

The college visits are during the Guided Study period. Students can sign up for these presentations with Mr. Palo in the Student Services Building.


  • September 5, Guided Study, Menlo College
  • September 7, Guided Study, University of British Columbia
  • September 8, Guided Study, Maryville University
  • September 12, Guided Study, University of Chicago
  • September 13, Guided Study, Linfield College
  • September 19, Guided Study, Vanderbuilt University
  • September 21, Guided Study, Johns Hopkins University
  • September 22, Guided Study, University of San Francisco
  • September 26, Guided Study, UC San Diego
  • September 29, Guided Study, University of California Santa Barbara

Avid Contacts

Grant Gibbs - 9th grade AVID​

Paul Van Tuyl - 10th grade AVID

Jim LaFrance - 11th grade AVID

Tracy Maniscalco- 12th grade AVID

Students Learn to Advocate

One of the skills that AVID teachers work to instill in students is the ability to advocate for themselves. Often, a barrier to student success is the inability of students to advocate, or speak up for themselves. Teachers work with AVID students to advocate for themselves by talking to their academic teachers about academic lessons and homework assignments. As a parent you can encourage your student to speak up and advocate for themselves.

2015 Graduates Accepted to the Following Schools

Sacramento State
Cal State East Bay
Sonoma State
Humboldt State
UC Riverside