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Our Counselors

The Counseling Office is open from 8:00- 3:00p.m. M-F.  During this time, there will always be someone at the desk to assist and answer general questions. 

MHS has four remarkable School Counselors, and a College & Career Counselor.  Counselors who are generally in their office from 7:45 -3:15 p.m. M-F and are available for drop in of students before school, at break, and after school as well as scheduled appointments.  We feel strongly that students should take advantage of the “drop in” times so that they do not miss valuable classroom instruction.  Students can also fill out a request to see their counselor which is located in the Counseling Office, if they are unable to utilize “drop in” times or if their counselor is unavailable.  Once the Counselor receives this request from a student, they will send a pass for the student during the school day to address any concern or question they may have.

Generally, students are assigned to a specific counselor by the alphabet of the student’s last name.  The alphabet changes slightly from year to year but most students remain with the same counselor for all four of their high school years.  Counselors are generalists who have a wide breadth of experience, training, and education.  They can address ALL aspects of the high school experience such as academic, career, social, emotional.  The Counselor’s role at MHS is to deliver services to students, parents, teachers, and administrators to promote maximum student success in the educational setting.  While the focus of the counseling relationship is upon the individual, the Counselor recognizes the need to consider the student as a member of the school, the home, and the community. 

Though speaking to a school counselor can be therapeutic, the counselor does not practice psychotherapy.  Many times, Counselors must rely on referring students to outside resources to assist with in depth social emotional needs.

School Counselors

 Julie Natalini,, 9th & 10th Grade: A-Di, 11th & 12th Grade: A-D

Dorothy Burge,, 9th & 10th Grade: Do-L, 11th & 12th Grade: E-K

Melissa Knoll,, 9th Grade: M-Q, 10th Grade: M-R, 11th & 12th Grade: L-Q

Sophear Hang,, 9th Grade: R-Z, 10th Grade: S-Z, 11th & 12th Grade: R-Z

College & Career Counselor

Paige Wilson, all Grades 9-12,                                 (707) 890-3830 x50168

Outside Services

Psychiatric Emergency Services............................................(707) 576-8181

If you know of someone that is in an immediate life threatening crisis, please call 911 immediately!

List of Outside Community Therapists

List of Low Fee Counseling Agencies

Information on Mental Health Resources CAPE

Health Resources Through CAPE

Resources for Teens