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A-G Graduation Requirements

What is a-g (pronounced "A through G" or "A to G")?

This is a series of 15 high school classes, designed to help prepare students for college. Classes are in seven subject areas, each represented by a letter from A to G (most often written as a-g). The UC and Cal State universities consider a-g requirements necessary for high school students in order to prepare them for four-year universities; however, a-g requirements are also considered "common core," required learning to prepare students for college or career.

  • Core courses meeting the a-g requirements are based on the Common Core State Standards, which are expected to be met by all students in California's schools.

New Graduation Requirements for Class of 2022

In April 2018, our Board of Education approved new graduation requirements that align with the a-g requirements, beginning with the Class of 2022 (students who enter 9th grade in Fall 2018). The requirements include students taking a third year of math and a second year of language. Over the past few years, we have been moving in this direction.

  • When the Board approved the requirements in Spring 2018, 77% of the current core classes in our high schools already met the a-g requirements.
  • Only 18 freshmen sections (classes) in the entire district needed to change to align with this new policy

SRCS Curriculum Guide

The links below will take you to the 2018-19 College and Career Readiness Guide. Please use this document as a guide to course descriptions. The guide is currently being updated for the 2019-20 school year.

SRCS Curriculum

SRCS Curriculum Espanol

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