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Career Planning

High school is a time when students begin or continue the exploration phase of career development. Career Days, field trips, guest speakers, and class research projects are just a few examples of early career exposure. Now in high school, greater focused career exploration begins as expanded opportunities become available for students to "try on" skills and talents: 

  • Volunteer Service
  • Part-time work
  • Job shadowing
  • Club, musical, and athletic participation
  • Actively seeking out academic classes (high school and college through concurrent enrollment) that align to future career goals or curiosity
  • Internships and summer programs

In addition to engaging actively in hands-on learning and skill-building, student interests and talents are changing or newly discovered. Self-awareness and research are the key to uncovering potential career paths:

  • Career Assessments- students answer questions about their interests, talents, goals and strengths and receive personalized reports with possible "good fit" career paths
  • Informational interviewing- students take on the role of interviewer by reaching out to professionals in various field and asking questions about the profession
  • Career Fairs- typically a trade-show style, career fairs offer a "one stop shop" for students to meet with diverse professionals
  • Engaging with Road Trip Nation videos- using Naviance account, students watch mini video clips from leaders of various backgrounds and careers
  • Job site visits- students experience the work environment firsthand  
  • College tours or site visits- students may ask questions about which college majors relate to their interests and career aspirations

MHS Vikings meet with School Counselors to discuss 4-year planning and college and career goals. Conversations about future planning occur in classrooms, among peers, and are especially helpful with the support and discussion at home with parents and caretakers. Career assessment reports are a great way to open up dialogue about how high school can propel students into post-secondary training that supports individual goals and potential. 

Career Exploration Links