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SRJC/Community College

High School Students Taking SRJC Courses

Our own Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) is a first-rank community college in California and in the nation.  The goal of the college is to “foster respect and support for each student as a valued member of a welcoming, high quality learning community”.

Not only is SRJC the first step towards their college and career for 55% of Montgomery Students, many students in 9th-12th grade will take courses while in high school.  Taking Junior College courses gives students an early start on their college experience.  As an extra bonus, high school students can take classes at the JC for free! The $46-per-unit-registration fees will be waived.

If you are interested in taking classes at SRJC, the first step is to see your high school counselor to talk about the courses in interest and get together the paperwork needed to register.