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Bring Change to Mind Club


Time: Feb 24, 2021 11:30 AM 

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Meeting ID: 985 6333 9401

Clubs & Groups


MHS Club 2020-2021


Club Name


Advisor's Email

Status 2020-2021

Art and Crafts Club Dennis Miller Please Contact the Advisor
Bring Change to Mind Julie Natalini Please Contact the Advisor
Black Student Union DJ Brookshire Active
Calculator/Math Ted Seche Please Contact the Advisor
Chess Club Ted Seche Please Contact the Advisor
Choir Dana Alexander Active
Cinephilies Club Chris Schloemp Please Contact the Advisor
Computer Science Club Kristen Reed Active
CSF Susan Farkas Active
Dance Gina Melvin Active
Fitness Club Alena Balasek Active
Gamer's Club Bill Davis Active
Geocaching  Matt Parks/Erin Posbergh Active
Global Student Club Jennifer Fox Active
Interact Chris Berg Please Contact The Advisor
JSA Ted Seche Please Contact The Advisor
Key Club Ted Seche Please Contact The Advisor
Love Outreach Christian Club Monique Luke Please Contact The Advisor
Mecha Gabby Gallardo Please Contact The Advisor
Medical Club Annette Thomason Please Contact The Advisor
Mock Trail Susan Farkas Active
Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) Simone Harris Please Contact the Advisor
Speech & Debate Allison Duke Please Contact the Advisor
STEM Club Chris Berg Please Contact the Advisor
Journalism / Creative Writing Donna Holmes Active

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Students interested in developing friendships and skill sets find clubs and groups an important aspect of high school.  At Montgomery many of our teachers host clubs and groups and enjoy the mentoring that takes place outside of the classroom.  Look over the list and see how students can expand their horizons.

Montgomery Art Gallery

Check out the Montgomery Art Gallery and admire the great work!

MHS Journalism

Check out the latest news as reported by Montgomery High School students.  The current news can be found at The Viking View - Click here to go to the website.